Ashley Knight comes from an international background and has had a wide and varied project management and architectural career in Switzerland and Europe. With experience as an architect, project pilot and director of works, including design, quantification and the construction of numerous types of buildings and premises, he is particularly interested in ensuring a close coordination between the user and designer to develop and deliver the required result.





Architects draw on intellectual and practical knowledge and experience to understand the needs of a client and his or her project and convert this into a successful, even artistic, design solution.

They organise numerous practical, technical and aesthetic factors into a coherent, functional, cost effective and attractive design solution. They represent their ideas in drawings and models, find technical solutions, quantify the cost in terms of labour and materials, plan the time schedule and then drive team players to a successful delivery of the project.

An architectural project is not simply a user need and an architects design and build solution. A project is an idea that needs to be clearly identified and managed (almost nursed) through all of its stages of conception, growth and final delivery. 

The project pilot combines many skills to work phase by phase with the client to understand the project and site, develop the project brief, build and coordinate the necessary team of professionals, drive the design and construction process and balance the whole in terms of quality, cost and time.

Directing the building and fitting out of a building requires specific mental, practical and human management skills.

It is a question of organising a multiplicity of resources to ensure that design becomes a reality on a building site. It requires finesse and character, an ability to remain calm and think clearly under stress, and the capacity to identify, organise and plan the many partners and activities required to complete the building process efficiently.